AIA -Adventures In Attitudes


Adventures in Attitudes® is an empowering & comprehensive program designed to help people understand that how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.

This awareness is the first step in changing negative attitudes to positive ones. It’s a valuable resource for establishing personal responsibility and accountability in the midst of change. And it helps turn passive resistance into high-energy performance.

Over 4 million people, worldwide, have experienced Adventures in Attitudes®. As a result of this program, companies have seen an increase in job satisfaction, lower turnover, and improved communication and customer service.

A Proven Agenda:

The program is a remarkable process of self-discovery using small group interaction, shared personal experiences, individual and group exercises, and facilitator-led discussion.

Module Topics:

  • Effective listening
  •  Developing communication skills
  •  Attitude awareness
  •  Dealing with emotions
  •  Understanding people
  •  Attitudes of personal empowerment
  • Creative problem solving
  • Team building strategies
  •  Motivational power 
  • Reaching your potential

  Adventures in Attitudes® is an intensive, but flexible program. It can be offered over several days or, in a module format, over several weeks.

Participants will:

: • Have an increased self-awareness

• Affirm their strengths, talents and abilities

• Know how to transform negative attitudes into positive ones

• Understand the benefits of increased communication and teamwork

• Increase their flexibility • Reduce their stress and conflict

• Understand how to set meaningful goals

• Interact with others in new ways