Couple Communication

Couple Communication logoA 16 hour seminar followed up by individual coaching, teaches you and your partner practical skills for communicating more effectively and collaboratively about important issues in your lives. This course is offered in group or privately by certified instructors. Each couple receives a couple-packet of practical tools to speed learning and enhance skill application, as you build a stronger, more satisfying relationship. (Ask your instructor about taking ThriveSphere, the optional online Collaborative Marriage Inventory, beforehand to identify your strengths and set learning goals.)

COUPLE COMMUNICATION I - Collaborative Marriage Skills:

Teaches you how to:

  • Care for yourself & your partner better
  • Spot & change breakdowns in communication
  • Expand self & partner awareness about important issues
  • Speak clearly, & constructively using six talking skills
  • Listen accurately with five listening skills
  • Deal with personal & relational concerns more effectively
  • Transform conflict into collaboration


Teaches you how to:

  • Enrich your relationship
  • Engage change positively
  • Integrate a collaborative operating system
  • Manage your own anger contructively
  • Respond to your partner's anger effectively
  • Recognize and understand different phases of relationship
  • Align your values, goals & plans as a partnership

600,000+ couples worldwide have taken this well-researched couple enrichment program, developed by Sherod Miller, PhD Phyllis Miller and Daniel Wackman  at the University of Minnesota Family Study Center. More than 70 independent studies, many at major universities throughout the United States, document the effectiveness of COUPLE COMMUNICATION in helping partners learn skills & increase relationship satisfaction.

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