Emotional Intelligence Mastery Workshop

Emotional Welbeing“Emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence; it is not the triumph of heart over head. It is the unique intersection of both.”

-- David Caruso

If you had asked what was the most likely to bring you success in life, when you were growing up, the answer would have been intelligence, good grades and a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

It certainly has it’s place but it is definitely not the whole picture.

There is another layer, another level of skills to be learned which is that of Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ). These terms are interchangeable and can be used to describe exactly the same thing, namely a person's ability to perceive and manage emotions within themselves and others. Emotional Intelligence is simply about two things:

  1. Identification and understanding of individual emotions, goals, intentions within yourself and of others around you.
  2. Managing those emotions and behaviors for the most positive and harmonious outcome for everyone.

Through participation in this workshop or optional personal coaching, you will master a thorough understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence Principles.


This is the ability to recognize your emotions ‘in the moment’, as they happen in real time, which is the key starting point.


The next stage is identifying and controlling disruptive emotions and impulses which arise, often causing conflict, and adapting them to changes in your environment.


A fairly critical step to life in general is the notion of being a “self starter” or having self-motivation. It can take a great deal of motivation to really seek out your life purpose in order to not just drift along. Regardless of what it is, it will require structured thinking and clear goals and a good dose of self-discipline to make the small steps and progress towards your goals.


The fourth element is the empathy aspect, taking other people’s emotions and feelings into consideration especially when it comes to decision making. This is often referred to as situational awareness in psychology or situational empathy. It is the ability to pick up on behavioral cues and body language which may give away a person’s true feelings and intentions.


Finally there is the element of social skills, to effectively be able to manage the emotions, intentions and relationships of others toward a desired direction. It is all about good interpersonal skills, or “people skills” which really makes the world tick.

“Your network is your net worth.” Building strong client, customer, employee and relationships in general is paramount to achieving high levels of success. And what is success? Let’s define it as the ability to set and achieve your personal and professional goals, whatever they may be.

Emotional Mastery equips you with powerful tools to assist you on your journey.

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